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Partial Client List
AspUpload is being used by tens of thousands of companies across the globe. Due to its remarkable robustness, unsurpassed feature set and ease of use, this component has become a de-facto industry standard. Our clients include:

Cisco Systems
Hewlett Packard
Johnson & Johnson
Lucent Technologies
U.S. Army
U.S. Navy

... and tens of thousands more.

Client Testimonials
"AspUpload is working great! We are using it for internal uploads to a web server that serves as a distribution point for all of our hardware partners. It makes the process almost completely painless!" - Jamie Reding, Microsoft.

"No other component I have tried, is so easy to use and has so many powerfull features." - Michael Lykke, InterVisual Design.

"It was so simple to setup. Did it once, and that was it. Not a single problem, and no need to "revisit" how to do it better." - Randy Wells, Sys. Admin., Mintec, Inc.

"We have tried several upload components to be used for our clients websites, NON of them were as flexible, but most important, as easy to use as AspUpload. Within seconds we had AspUpload up and running the way WE wanted!" - Peter Quintus, General Manager, InDis.

"Our site,, allows users to create customized streaming multimedia cards that include their own images. AspUpload was the only component that allowed us to change the file attributes of the uploaded file as well as move and rename the file to be consistent with our database architecture. And it has worked flawlessly since we put it into service." - Curt Sorkin, White Shark Systems, Inc.

"As a web presence provider stability and reliability are of the utmost importance, particularly in shared server environments. AspUpload has proven to be a rock solid solution that is feature rich and highly affordable." - David Fearn, Corporate Web Solutions.

"My firm, WestLake Internet Training, has not only used AspUpload for several in-house Intranet applications, but also includes the component as a section in our "Advanced Active Server Pages" training course. The students have been extremely impressed by the component's power and ease of use -- I'm sure we're winning new customers for you with every class." - Steven Heckler, WestLake Internet Training.

"I was suitably impressed by AspUploadís ease of use and reliability. Putting file-upload pages together is now a breeze. In addition, AspUpload comes packed with other useful file and directory handling methods that necessarily complement the componentís main features." - Richard Alleman, Telstra Big Pond. Home Page Copyright © 1998 - 2013 Persits Software, Inc.
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