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Nov 11, 2020 - AspUpload Service Release Available

AspUpload's image identification module responsible for populating the UploadedFile properties ImageType, ImageWidth and ImageHeight has been expanded to include yet another image format, WEBP. This modern format designed by Google is getting more and more popular as it can do more than JPEG, PNG and GIF combined, while offering a far better image compression.
Aug 17, 2020 - AspUpload Service Release Available
The service release fixes a bug in the DecryptAndSendBinary method responsible for incorrectly decrypting files which size is divisible by 10,000. The number 10000 is the length of an internal buffer used by this method.
Feb 12, 2014 - AspUpload Service Release Available
This service release fixes a bug introduced by the Service Release This bug caused the pop-up progress bar to malfunction in some cases.
Jan 20, 2014 - JUpload Fix for the Latest Java Update Available
Please download and install the latest version of JUpload and replace the files jupload.jar and jdownload.jar on your server with the files from the installation to fix the error

Missing Application-Name manifest attribute for: http://server/path/JUpload.jar

which has started to occur recently as a result of the latest Java update. Upgrading is absolutely free for the registered JUpload users.

Oct 15, 2013 - AspUpload Service Release Available
AspUpload is capable of uploading files up to 4 GB in size, while previous versions only had a 2 GB limit. IIS 7+ is required for file uploads exceeding 2 GB.
May 20, 2013 - JUpload Update Released
JUpload's new .jar files fix a security warning error with the recent Java 7 update 21.
Mar 10, 2011 - JUpload 2.4.3 Released
The new version contains a workaround for a recent bug in the Sun JRE 1.6.0_24.
Dec 14, 2010 - File progress_ajax.js Fixed
The fix makes the Ajax-based progress bar work better with Safari and older versions of IE.
Nov 23, 2010 - AspUpload 3.1 Released with Ajax Progress Bar
The new version contains much-requested support for an Ajax-based progress bar which is displayed on the same page as the upload form as opposed to a popup windows.

The new feature is described in Section 5.5 - Ajax-based Progress Bar of the User Manual.

We have put together a Live Demo you can use to test this new functionality online.

Aug 03, 2010 - AspUpload 3.1 Beta Released
Version 3.1 supports an Ajax-based progress bar which is displayed on the same page as the upload form as opposed to a popup windows.
Dec 08, 2008 - JUpload 2.4.1 Released
Click here for a list of new features of our upload Java applet. Upgrading is absolutely free for registered users.
Jun 17, 2008 - JUpload 2.4 Released
Click here for a list of new features of our upload Java applet. Upgrading is absolutely free for registered users.

Aug 16, 2007 - 64-bit AspUpload Released

The native 64-bit version of AspUpload has been officially released. Download the 64-bit installer application here.

Jul 25, 2007 - 64-bit AspUpload Now on Sale

Permanent registration keys for the 64-bit version of AspUpload can now be purchased. For licensing purposes, AspUpload (64-bit) is a totally separate product. Your existing 32-bit keys cannot be used with the 64-bit version.

A full installer for AspUpload (64-bit) will be available shortly. Meanwhile, the library aspupload64.dll must be manually registered on your 64-bit Windows server.

Feb 28, 2007 - 64-bit AspUpload Beta Released

The native 64-bit version of AspUpload is now available for testing. Download the file containing AspUpload64.dll and evaluation instructions here.

Note that existing 15-digit registration keys do not work with the 64-bit version. For evaluation purposes, use the key included in the instruction file.

Aug 10, 2006 - XUpload 3.0 Released

The long-awaited Unicode-enabled version of XUpload with download functionality has finally been released. A special low upgrade price is available for current XUpload users.

For the full user manual and live demos, and to download your copy of XUpload 3.0, please visit XUpload's new dedicated web site,

Feb 15, 2006 - XUpload 3.0 Public Beta Released

Version 3.0 of our client-side ActiveX control offers the following new features:

  • Full Unicode support in both file names and text form items.
  • Internationalization of all menu items, captions and user messages.
  • Download functionality. XUpload is now also an XDownload.
  • And more!

To see the user manual and live demos, and to download your beta copy of XUpload 3.0, please visit XUpload's new dedicated web site,

Nov 28, 2005 - AspUpload Patch Released

Version 8 of Macromedia Flash includes a file upload feature which allows a user to upload files from within a Flash applet instead of a multipart/form-data form. Due to what we believe to be a bug in the Macromedia Flash 8 implementation of file uploads, the data stream generated by such Flash applets is formatted differently than all major browser implementations, and that irregularity causes AspUpload to crash.

The AspUpload service release (patch) fixes this problem. Download it here.

Aug 17, 2005 - JUpload 2.2 Released
Click here for a list of new features of our upload Java applet. Upgrading is absolutely free for registered users.
Nov 08, 2004 - AspUpload Patch Released
This service release fixes a bug in the directory listing functionality which caused filenames to be sorted incorrectly in a descending order.

Aug 12, 2004 - AspJpeg 1.4 Released, Launched

AspJpeg 1.4 supports EXIF and IPTC metadata extraction. The new version also offers support for TIFF format, and many other features. AspJpeg now has a dedicated web site at

Aug 7, 2003 - AspJpeg 1.3 Released

The newest version of our popular image resizing component offers several features you have been waiting for:
  • Picture-in-picture support. An image can be drawn on top of another image via the method Jpeg.DrawImage. Opacity and transparency parameters are provided.
  • GIF support. With the expiration of the LZW patent in the US on June 19, 2003, the GIF format is finally in the public domain (at least in the US). AspJpeg now supports this popular format along with JPEG, BMP, and PNG.
  • Jpeg.Binary property. Now a thumbnail can be sent directly to the database as a BLOB without creating a temporary copy on disk.
Upgrades are free for registered users. Download AspJpeg 1.3 here.

Jun 19, 2003 - AspUpload Patch Released

After applying the Microsoft hot fix Q811114, the method SendBinary used for file downloading stopped working properly. Instead of displaying the filename of a file being downloaded, the Save As dialog box displays the filename of the download script, such as download.asp.

AspUpload fixes this bug in SendBinary (and also in DecryptAndSendBinary). Download the new version here.

In addition to the bug fix, AspUpload adds a new optional FileName argument to the method SendBinary which enables you to specify an arbitrary file name to be displayed by the Save As dialog box.

AspUpload also fixes a problem introduced by the previous fix ( that caused file downloading to work incorrectly under Netscape.

Apr 23, 2003 - AspUpload Service Upgrade Released

The service release includes several .NET code samples in C#. Also, a bug has been fixed that caused memory uploads to be disabled when the Save method is disabled via registry settings. In the latest release, disabling the Save method has no effect on memory uploads. Download AspUpload here.
Apr 18, 2003 - AspJpeg Released
AspJpeg Service Release contains .NET versions of all code samples in C#. It also fixes the following issues:

  • Jpeg.RegKey property implemented. This property, although documented, was left out of the 1.2 release by mistake.
  • Canvas.PrintText method added which is equivalent to Canvas.Print but can be used in VB without causing compile errors (Print is a reserved word in VB).
  • Bugs causing compile errors in VB fixed (properties Color, BkColor and ShadowColor of the Canvas.Font object).
Download AspJpeg here.
Apr 22, 2002 - AspJpeg 1.2 Released
The new version of our image resizing tool is packed with features you have been waiting for, including:

  • Opening images directly from the database. The new version can open source images stored in the database via the OpenBinary method.
  • 90-degree rotation. In addition to flipping, AspJpeg 1.2 also offers 90-degree rotation of images.
  • Typing and drawing. You can now write text phrases over the thumbnails in different fonts, sizes and colors. You can also draw lines, rectangles and circles in various pen widths and colors.
  • Support for other graphic formats, including BMP and PNG.
To see the complete list of AspJpeg features, go to the AspJpeg page.

Upgrades are free for our registered users. Download AspJpeg 1.2 here.

Apr 22, 2002 - JUpload 2.0 Released

Our client-side upload Java applet now supports Netscape 6.2 running the JRE 1.3.1 plugin or higher. Other features include:

  • Improved error handling.
  • New public methods.
  • Success/failure reporting for JDownload.
Upgrades are free. Download JUpload 2.0

Jan 22, 2002 - AspUpload 3.0 Released

The long-awaited new version of our powerful upload component is finally here! New features include: an HTML-based progress bar, uploads of files up to 2 GB in size, Unicode support, better performance, and much more.

The completely rewritten 10-chapter Manual is now available on-line. For a full list of new features, see Chapter 1. The AspUpload 3.0 Object Reference is also available on-line. A live demo has been put together to demonstrate the HTML-based progress bar and other features, check it out now!.

Download AspUpload 3.0 here.

Special upgrade pricing is available for existing AspUpload users. For our updated price list and upgrade fees, click here.

Oct 23, 2001 - XUpload 2.1 Released

The new version offers full Challenge/Response (NTLM) support, improved RFC-1867 compliance and many other features you have been asking for. For details, click here.

Jul 17, 2001 - AspUpload (Service Release) Available

The service release addresses the error message "Fatal error: can't find next separator" occurring when a large amount of text data is POSTed with IE 5.0.

Version also eliminates the error "Invalid data format. You must include ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" in your FORM" occurring when files are uploaded using browsers other than IE or Netscape, such as Opera.

Obtain your free upgrade using your order number.

Jan 30, 2001 - JUpload 1.1 Released

Version 1.1 of our client-side upload Java applet has many new features and is free of certain limitations the previous version had. Upgrades are free.

Jan 18, 2001 - AspJpeg 1.1 Released

We have added image sharpening, cropping and flipping to our JPEG thumbnail component.

Oct 25, 2000 - AspUpload 2.1 Released

AspUpload 2.1 has been released. New features include:
  • Improved File Download Functionality. The method SendBinary has been given another optional argument, Attachment, which controls whether the Content-Disposition header has the keyword "attachment;" in it which forces a download for certain file types instead of opening a document in-place in the IE browser.
  • One-way Hash Function Computation for Uploaded Files. The new property File.MD5Hash returns the MD5 one-way hash function (a.k.a. digest or fingerprint) of an uploaded file. This enables your application to check whether a certain file already exists in your document repository by comparing the hash value of the new file with the hash values of existing files which is much faster that comparing the files themselves.
  • PNG Format Support. In addition to image size extraction functionality for GIF, JPG and BMP files, AspUpload 2.1 can also extract image size information from PNG files.
  • Several minor bugs fixed.
Obtain your free upgrade using your order number.

Sep 13, 2000 - JUpload 1.0 Released

JUpload 1.0, the long-awaited client-side Java applet has been released. Functionality-wise, JUpload is even more feature-rich than XUpload and, most importantly, it is browser- independent.

Aug 31, 2000 - AspJpeg 1.0 Released

Create thumbnails of digital photo images on the fly with AspJpeg 1.0, our brand-new JPEG resizing component.

Feb 21, 2000 - XUpload 2.0 Released

New features include directory uploading, advanced browser redirection, "time remained" indicator, automatic uploading of form items, improved drag-and-drop interface and many others.

Feb. 7, 2000 - AspUpload version 2.0 Released

Version 2.0 of our industry-standard upload solution is packed with features you have been waiting for. This includes:

  • Full ADO support. Use the convenience of ADO objects such as Recordset and Command to save files to the database as blobs and export files from the database. Now you can even pass a file as a parameter to a transactional SQL stored procedure.
  • MacBinary support. Ever noticed that files uploaded from a MAC are sometimes no longer readable on a PC? Well, not anymore. AspUpload 2.0 automatically detects files in the MacBinary format, extracts the data fork portion and filters out MAC-specific stuff.
  • Image size extraction. Want to limit the size of images your users can upload to your server? No problem. The new version is capable of extracting image size information from GIF, JPEG and BMP images.
  • Uploads to memory. This great feature will make that annoying file name collision problem disappear forever. It also gives you better performance and security, especially if the ultimate destination of uploaded files is a database.
  • Directory uploads. With the help of the XUpload ActiveX control you can upload entire directory structures, not just individual files. Look for directory upload code samples in XUpload 2.0.
  • New methods and properties you've been asking for have been added, such as File.ContentType, File.ImageType, File.SaveAs, Upload.IgnoreNoPost, Upload.Expires, and more.
  • 15 new code samples and a setup program.
Go to the
Download page to download your free trial version of AspUpload 2.0.

Are you a registered AspUpload user? You are entitled to a free upgrade ! Just have your order number ready and go to the AspUpload 2.0 Upgrade Center to download your copy of AspUpload 2.0.

Sep. 28, 1999 - Encryption Component Released

AspEncrypt 1.0, our newest cryptographic component which makes AspUpload encryption-enabled, is now released. Using AspEncrypt together with AspUpload enables you to make your Web-based file management system truly secure. For more information on this hot new product, and to download your trial copy, visit

Build of AspUpload is needed to take advantage of encryption capabilities of AspEncrypt. Upgrades are free to registered users.

Aug. 18, 1999 - Buffer Overflow Bug Reported by NTBugTraq Fixed

It has been reported by the NTBugTraq mailing list that when the file name specified exceeds 3800 characters AspUpload crashes IIS. This bug has been fixed. The new version is The patch is available to registered users upon request.

Jul. 20, 1999 - XUpload 1.0 Released

The client-side upload control you have been waiting for is here! XUpload will help you overcome the limitations of traditional form-based uploading. XUpload is free with the purchase of an AspUpload Enterprise license. Click here for more information on XUpload. Don't forget to check out the live demo!

Jun. 23, 1999 - AspUpload version 1.4 Released

AspUpload 1.4 has the following new features:

May 18, 1999 - Microsoft Becomes Registered User of AspUpload

Jan. 15, 1999 - AspUpload version 1.3 Released

AspUpload 1.3 offers a new method, FromDatabase, which allows you to export a file stored as a blob from the database to hard drive in just 1 line of code. See Object Reference for full description.

Per your requests, the new version no longer throws an error if no files were selected for uploading. The Save method now "quietly" returns 0.

Oct. 15, 1998 - AspUpload featured in Visual InterDev 6 for Dummies®

Here is what Bill Hatfield says about AspUpload in his latest book: "Easy for you - just a few lines of script - and easy for your users!" The book Visual InterDev 6 for Dummies® lists AspUpload among "Ten Really Cool Server Components" (chapter 19) along with another Persits Software component, AspNTUser. The latter was also included on the book's accompanying CD ROM. Home Page Copyright © 1998 - 2020 Persits Software, Inc.
All Rights Reserved
AspUpload® is a registered trademark of Persits Software, Inc.